Skilled Nursing

LMCC provides 24 hour skilled nursing care 365 days a year!  We staff 7 days a week with RN coverage during the day.  Our Director of Nursing is an RN who has worked at LMCC for over 10 years, beginning with us as an LPN.  We have LPN staff working the Evening and Night shifts.  We also have wonderful Nursing Assistants on the shifts.  Over 60% of our total nursing hours are staffed with either RNs or LPNs.  We provide our staff Inservice training throughout the year on significant health care related topics.


Many of our nursing staff have worked for LMCC for many years.  Our primary night nurse has been with us almost 20 years!  Our primary day shift nursing assistant has been with us almost 20 years as well! Two of our other nursing assistants have worked with us for over 12 years each.  In 2008 we hired only two nursing staff to replace existing staff, both of whom were semi-retiring after many years of service at LMCC.


The Minnesota Department of Health has developed a ranking system to measure quality indicators in nursing homes.  They measure Seven Quality Measures including: Resident Quality of Life Ratings; Hours of Direct Care; Staff Retention and State Inspection Results among other things. Each of the Seven Quality Measures is given a ranking, using a one to five star scale, with five stars being the best. LMCC has earned a Four and Five Star ranking from the MDH in four of these areas! We have some of the best state survey results in the industry, with annual results posted in the hallway.  In fact, we have had only one patient care related citation in over 10 years! This is an accomplishment that we think is unmatched in the state!  We have not had one substantiated patient complaint from the Office of Health Facility Complaints (OHFC) in over 20 years!




There are many  helpful websites available to you in your search for appropriate nursing home care for your family member or friend.  We have listed some of them here.



 Helpful Websites in Long Term Care:  

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